Hear from Our Clients – The Coolest Customers in Town!

At RAM Heating and Air Conditioning, we care about your comfort. We take every service call seriously, and we will never walk away from a unit until it is running properly. We are only as good as the work we do for our customers. Here’s what a few of them had to say about our services.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for you and your team at RamAir going out of their way for us in our purchasing our new Heating and Cooling system. I originally chose RamAir because of the 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating on Trane.com, little did we know you should have been ranked 199%. Your salesperson, Fernie, was extremely knowledgeable about the products you offered, the company, and the process.”

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-Randy & Julie, Prairieville, LA 70769


“First – I called Ram Air to schedule maintenance on my HVAC system and enroll in their Energy Savings Agreement Plan. Price was $164 and appointment scheduled quickly. Ram Air maintenance person came to my home to service 11 year old system. Employee was very professional and courteous. He performed an inspection of the outdoor and indoor units as well as a cleaning. Outdoor unit (condenser) was operating very loudly and he advised a technician should come diagnose the problem. Work was agreed and technician was scheduled for that afternoon. Maintenance took just under 1 hour.”

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“We purchased our home approximately 20 years ago and our AC unit has always had a hard time keeping our home cool during the hot summer days. Once the outside temperature reached 90 degrees the inside temperature would begin to slowly increase reaching near 80 degrees. After we were in our home for a couple of years we had a new 4 ton system installed and it had an incremental impact reducing the temperature a couple of degrees. Two years ago we decided to do some remodeling and had foam insulation installed in the attic in an attempt to rectify the temperature issue during the peak summer months. The new insulation had some positive effect but we continued to have days that the temperature in our home reached 76 degrees with the AC unit running all day and into the night.

Now the good news! I was speaking with Jimbo at a football game and explained my dilemma, since we had already decided to remain in our home for several more years I was motivated to get my AC problems resolved. I was prepared to get a larger unit since I had convinced myself that this was the problem. Jimbo offered to come by and measure my home and perform an air flow analysis to determine the proper size of unit that would be required. After Jimbo completed the analysis he came by and explained to me that the 4 ton unit was not the problem. The root cause of the problem was poor air flow due to insufficient air ducts and vents. Jimbo showed me a diagram of my home and recommended adding some additional air ducts and five more vents which increased the air flow by ~30%. Since my AC was nearly 20 years old now and had a leak in the coil we decided to replace our existing unit with a Traine high efficiency unit.

After a full year and one summer behind us I am happy to report that our home will get as cool as we want (68%) even when the outdoor temperature is 95 degrees. Due to the air flow modifications and the high efficiency unit our home is much more comfortable and our electricity bill has been drastically reduced.

Demco Bill 7/1/11 old unit KWH Used 3287 – $253.00
7/2/12 new unit KWH Used 2189 – $173.00
8/2/11 old unit KWH Used 3437 – $264.00
8/1/12 new unit KWH Used 1710 – $138.00″

– Rodney and Wyndi B.

“The entire experience was very convenient. RAM Air is the Best! I will definitely recommend RAM Air.”

-Rita 10/2014, Denham Springs, 70726

“The guys were professional and courteous.”

-Jerry 10/2014, Greenwell Springs, 70739

“Great experience. Would recommend again.”

-David 9/2014, Prairieville, 70769

“Solid sales rep., great install crew. Had us up and running in no time with a unit appropriate for our home size. No pressure but did let us know all the bells and whistles. Based on our experience, we’ll be purchasing the maintenance contract through Ram Air and Heating.”

– Brandon 8/2014, Baton Rouge, 70809

“Love RAM Air!”

-Mary 7/2014, Baton Rouge, 70808

“RAM Heating and A/C were very knowledgeable about the Trane system that was installed in my home. The job was completed in a timely manner. (Very Satisfied)”

-Fred 4/2014, Baton Rouge, 70805