Here to Answer Your Heating and A/C Repair Questions

When you call RAM, we want you to be completely informed of what’s going on with your system. We answer any heating or ac repair questions you have, before you do any work on your unit. We always make sure you understand the problem and how we’re going to fix it. Below, we’ve put together some questions we often get asked on service calls. If your question isn’t answered here, please call us anytime or fill out our contact form.

How much do you charge to come out and service my unit?

Our diagnostic fee is $79 for our normal business hours and $99 for nights and weekends. (Unless you are an ESA customer, then the diagnostic fee is always $79) Our technicians will diagnose your problem and give you the total price to repair your ac. If you choose not to have it repaired all you owe is the diagnostic fee.


Does the diagnostic fee go towards the repair price?

The diagnostic fee is calculated into the repair cost and given to you as a total repair price. If you decline to have the repair done you will only owe the diagnostic fee.


What is the difference in a free estimate and a service call?

A free estimate is when our equipment specialist comes out to survey your existing system and propose a new system or part of a system. He does not carry parts or tools to make repairs.

A service call is when a technician comes to diagnose a problem and propose a repair to get your current system back up and running.


Do you clean the heater in the winter and clean the ac in the summer?

Our maintenance program is set for two visits six months apart. We clean the entire system on both visits. In southern Louisiana you never know if you will need a heater or an ac, so we have our customers ready for hot weather or cool weather all year long.


I have a crack in my heat exchanger, what does that mean?

A heat exchanger is an integral part of a gas heater. The heat exchanger keeps the fumes from the burning gas from entering your home. A cracked heat exchanger will allow those fumes (carbon dioxide) to enter your home and harm you or your family. This can also cause the flame from the furnace to roll out of the furnace and could possible cause a fire in the attic.

It is very important not to use a heater with a cracked heat exchanger.


Will the old R22 refrigerant be available?

The United States has partnered with many other countries to phase out R22 refrigerant. There is a very specific timeline for all of the countries to follow. Each year from now to the year 2020 we will see decreases in production with 2020 being the year where all production will stop. Each time the production is reduced we can expect to see an increase in price. So even before 2020 the price of the refrigerant may make it obsolete.


What is the SEER of an AC?

SEER, is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is like the MPG of a car. The higher the SEER the more efficient the AC is.


What is the tonnage of an AC?

The tonnage of an AC is how much cooling it can provide in a certain time period. For example a 3 ton system can provide approximately 36,000 BTU’s of cooling in one hour. Each home will require a certain amount of BTUH’s to maintain a comfortable temperature.


Does RAM offer any financing?

We accept Visa/MC/Discover. We also offer financing, with approved credit.