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You’ll Never Get Left Out in The Cold with RAM Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Our Equipment Maintenance Keeps your Units Working Hard Year Round

At RAM Heating & Air, our commitment to customer service and reliability is why we offer our Maintenance Program – or Energy Savings Agreement. Performing routine maintenance every 6 months on your A/C system has many benefits, including energy savings. Click here to read what the LSU Ag Center says about maintaining your A/C. We can also identify and repair potential problems BEFORE they cause a breakdown. Did you know an A/C system can be low on refrigerant by as much as 10% without the homeowner feeling the difference? And that system is running a whopping 30% LESS in efficiency and capacity, using more electricity than necessary. You’ll never be left out in the cold (or in the heat!) as long as you have our Energy Savings Agreement.
a/c tune ups keep your unit running smooth

How Does the RAM Energy Savings Agreement Save Me Money?

Very simple problems, like dirty equipment or minor part failures, can not only reduce the efficiency of you’re A/C and heating units, but can also shorten the life of your system, costing you unnecessary money in energy bills, repairs and replacement. With our unique Energy Savings Agreement, we provide a complete system tune-up every six months. This includes the full-service cleaning of both the air conditioner and the heating components, so your unit is ready to run whenever you need it. For one affordable annual fee, we keep your equipment in tip-top shape all year long. With your units always clean and running smoothly, you’ll see the savings on your monthly energy bill. You will also avoid easily treatable repair costs. And with our regular maintenance prolonging the life of your A/C and heating units, you won’t have to worry about paying for a new unit for years to come. Especially in Louisiana, you need your A/C to run not only smoothly, but as efficiently as possible to keep your energy costs from soaring. With our Energy Savings Agreement, RAM has you covered 365 days a year.

Our Energy Savings Agreement is more Than Just Maintenance

When you partner with us to ensure your equipment’s proper maintenance, we reward you with some extra perks, in addition to keeping your system in peak performance condition. Other benefits of our Energy Savings Agreement include:

  • Upgrade to “Preferred Customer” status
  • Same day service
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • Overtime Fee waived for after-hours service calls
  • A personal phone call to schedule your maintenance at your convenience

The savings our Energy Savings Agreement offers are invaluable, and you won’t find service like this anywhere else. You will save money directly on energy bills, repair costs and unit replacement. You’ll also save by preventing breakdowns and avoiding future service calls by keeping your system running like new.

Click here or give us a call to find out more information and start saving money with our one-of-a-kind Energy Savings Agreement.